the whitsundays

The Whitsunday Region

Airlie is an eclectic mix of cosmopolitan atmosphere and relaxation rolled into one, a vibrant town filled with palm-fringed beaches, waterfront parks and alfresco dining restaurants. Airlie Beach thrives on its tight-knit community spirit and embraces it’s social calendar with a passion. There are several major community events throughout the year, including the Reef Festival, Food and Wine festival (this is a must attend) and the annual Whitsunday Fun Race Festival every September.

Airlie Beach is the epitome of a beach town; you'll instantly feel the carefree, welcoming and relaxed attitude from locals and other travellers alike. This energy is both contagious and irresistible, and often encourages travelers to stay longer than first expected. From the thriving bars and nightclubs where backpackers and travelers party together well into the night, to the sheer beauty of the islands and Great Barrier Reef, you will soon fall in love with this little coastal gem.

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